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A Missional Church is Incarnational

April 25, 2007


  The theological support for this distinctive has been fully covered in previous posts.  The church is the extension of the missio Dei.  As Jesus was God in flesh, the church is to be the presence of Christ Jesus on earth.  The mission of Jesus is now the mission of the Church.   Peter Wagner points […]

Aim Before You Shoot!

April 16, 2007


I love to hunt.  I began hunting as a boy in Southeast Missouri.  Turkey hunting is my absolute favorite.  For me there is nothing like getting up before the sun rises, silently making your way through the dark woods, getting in a strategic position, and then hearing those gobblers as the sun begins to poke over […]

Why Be Missional?

March 13, 2007


            Various studies reveal that America is increasingly becoming an unchurched mission field.  The percentage of people who identified themselves as Christians has dropped 9 percent from 1990 to 2001.[1]  Furthermore, George Barna has reported that, “Since 1991, the adult population in the  United States has grown by 15%.  During that same period, the number […]

A Missional Church

March 8, 2007


My desire is to transform our church to become a fellowship of disciples that has fully embraced the mission given to us by our Lord to reach our community with his gospel.  The Bible record is consistent and clear in its recording of the fact that Christ Jesus taught his followers that they also were […]

The Mission of the Church

February 16, 2007


            There is much talk about the mission of the church and why it exists.  There are probably few pastors that could not name Rick Warren’s 5 purposes of the church.[1]  Churches and its leaders struggle to hammer out mission, vision, and purpose statements.  In all of the effort and desire to formulate nice, neat […]

Don’t Label Me! I Will Do that Myself; Thank You So Very Much!

January 11, 2007


While I sit here at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, attempting to get some writing completed, I just read a tremendous editorial in the Louisville paper, written by the Rev. John Yates the rector and Os Guiness a parishioner of The Falls Church.  This church is one of several Virginia churches that voted last month to […]

Missio Dei Part 1: The Church, Intentionally on Mission

January 8, 2007


This past week and all this week I am sitting in the library at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; attempting to get a big portion of writing done for my doctoral program.  I have been completely away from the blogs.  I am going to post some of the work I have been doing.   Recovering Our Mission […]