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A Missional Church is Spirit-Driven!

June 14, 2007


At the heart of being missional is the understanding that the ekklesia has received from the Lord a mandate to be a sent people to carry the gospel of redemption to the world.  The church is sent by Christ and is empowered and led by the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s mission.  In order […]

Building Walls or Building Bridges?

May 17, 2007


A MISSIONAL CHURCH IS CONTEXTUAL Churches can be biblically faithful to God’s mission and at the same time work to relate to people in culture. Unfortunately there is a segment of Christianity that interprets attempts to become relevant as a compromise of the gospel.  Basically what these people have done in their minds is to […]

Incarnational Ministry: The Way of Jesus

May 8, 2007


The incarnational aspect of our Lord’s ministry went beyond the theological truth that Christ was literally God in flesh.  Jesus came as God in flesh to be with people.  He told his disciples that his mission was to seek and to save that which was lost.  Jesus did not camp in the temple in Jerusalem […]

A Missional Church is Incarnational

April 25, 2007


  The theological support for this distinctive has been fully covered in previous posts.  The church is the extension of the missio Dei.  As Jesus was God in flesh, the church is to be the presence of Christ Jesus on earth.  The mission of Jesus is now the mission of the Church.   Peter Wagner points […]

The Characteristics of a Missional Church?

April 12, 2007


                 We have observed that a missional church is rooted in the understanding that it is an assembly of Christ-followers who are loved by God the Father, redeemed and sent by God the Son, and regenerated and empowered by God the Holy Spirit to continue the missio Dei on Earth, for the glory of God.  Now […]

Being Missional: Is there Really a Difference?

March 25, 2007


              Some may think that the entire missional conversation is much to do about nothing.  You might wonder if the difference between being missional and being evangelistic is just a matter of semantics.  The biggest difference of a missional church is seen in the ongoing work of the leaders of the missional church to […]

What Does it Mean to Be Missional?

March 22, 2007


       The term missional is an adjective that describes the fact that a church totally aligns itself with the missio Dei ( the mission of God).  Christ Jesus prayed to the Father, “As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world,” (John 17.18).  This truth reveals that the church […]